Vineyard Church at the Farm Garden Ministry

Fruit of the Vine


Garden PlantedMission: Fruit of the Vine is a ministry of Vineyard Church of Harford County for growing various types of vegetables for those in our community who have need of food. Jesus commissioned us to take care of the poor, widower and orphan. This ministry will supply fresh vegetables for those in need.

 What we do:

  • Prepare the soil for planting
  • Plant seeds or seedlings during season
  • Provide proper care and watering
  • Weed and maintain gardens
  • Harvest gardens
  • Prepare vegetables to be given away
  • Work & rotate the contents in the compost area
  • Prepare garden for winter season
  • Sign up for one day per week to water and weed the garden

Want to participate or have any questions?

Contact Linda Andrews, VCHC Fruit of the Vine Coordinator,


Homeless Shelter Ministry

On Sunday, November 27th at 4:00 we will meet at the Welcome One Emergency Shelter to prepare dinner for the residents. Please join us!

Shelter 1